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Cryogenic Chips Could End IVF Mix-Ups

by Paul Marks,  New Scientist,  June 24, 2009

AN ELECTRONIC ID tag that works even when cryogenically frozen could help prevent some of the mix-ups in IVF clinics that can cause heartbreak for would-be parents.

Last week, a couple from south Wales, UK, made headlines worldwide when they revealed that their last viable embryo had been taken from cryogenic storage at an IVF clinic in Cardiff and mistakenly implanted into another woman. The recipient, on learning of the bungle, terminated her pregnancy.

Their last viable embryo was taken from cryogenic storage and implanted in the wrong woman
There were eight similar "class A" IVF mix-ups in 2008 in the UK fertility industry, according to its regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Class A means the wrong eggs, sperm or embryo were used in an IVF procedure. Such mix-ups occur when eggs, sperm or embryos are mislabelled due to slips in a lab's verification procedures.

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