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Jon and Kate Plus Health Care: Would better insurance have saved this marriage?

Washington Post,  June 26, 2009

Poor Jon and Kate. Their marriage is over, their show on hiatus, their domestic ordeal entering a new phase of acrimony. Possibly nothing could have saved this marriage, but one thing would have made it less fragile: a mandate for health insurance to cover in vitro fertilization.

If the Gosselins, whose efforts to raise eight kids have been chronicled over five seasons on cable television, had enjoyed, and availed themselves of, ready access to IVF -- the most sophisticated, controlled and expensive form of fertility treatment -- they almost certainly would not have had six children at once. "Just one more baby," is how Kate described their goal after twins. Without the added stress of sextuplets, they would have had a fighting chance at not fighting nearly as much as they did.

You can read more about insurance coverage for infertility treatments in this article:


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I am sure it's not the only case, In Vitro Insemination is not a life threatening operation and I think this is the main reason insurance companies don't always provide coverage for the procedure although it's pretty expensive for ordinary people. Me and my wife are on <a rel="follow" href="">Humana family health insurance</a>, I should check if we have coverage for IVF, something tells me that we'll need it.

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