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Good Relationship De-stresses Infertility Therapy

by Anne Harding,  Reuters UK,  Mar 23, 2009

A new study reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility concludes that how couples handle the stress of infertility treatment has more to do with their personalities and the nature of their relationship than the process of treatment itself.

In the study, participants completed four different tests gauging their relationship and their sense of well-being when they were starting infertility treatment, and again three and six months later.

Study results showed that people who felt securely attached to their partner maintained higher levels of well being while well-being was worse for people who fell into the self-critical or dependent categories.

While the duration of fertility problems didn't affect relationship satisfaction, the number of previous treatments did. People in self-critical, preoccupied, or dismissive relationship roles were less satisfied with their relationship, while securely attached people were more satisfied.

You can read more about the study here:


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Ok, all of you TTC couples out there, what do <em>think</em> of this study? Does it carry weight, in your opinion? Laurie Executive Editor FertilityAuthority

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