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Infertility Involves the Man 40 Percent of the Time

by Jennifer Wezensky,  Kalamazoo Gazette,  Mar 26, 2009

Infertility often grabs the spotlight when a woman's treatment results in multiple births, as it did recently with the California woman who gave birth to octuplets.

But for about 40 percent of the 2.6 million U.S. couples who experience infertility, at least part of the problem is with the man, according to the National Institutes of Health. Sometimes the condition can be successfully treated, and in other cases doctors are able to bypass the problems to help the couple achieve pregnancy.

Find out more about the causes of male infertility in this article:


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My husband and I had two unsuccessful IUI's. A more thorough examination of his semen and "parts" led to the discovery of a varicocele and the fact that 57% of his sperm have damaged DNA, likely as a result of the varicocele. We are hoping we don't have to move to IVF as it is expensive and invasive. Can anyone answer - how effective is varicocele repair in resolving DNA fragmentation problems?

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