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Study: Two IVF Embryos May Offer No Better Odds Than One

by Tiffany Sharples,  TIME Magazine,  Mar 30, 2009

New research suggests that the most effective and inexpensive IVF method may also be the least likely to result in dangerous multiple births.

A study by Finnish researchers published in the current issue of the journal Human Reproduction finds that transferring a single fresh embryo at a time, followed by subsequent transfers of individual thawed embryos, may be as effective in achieving pregnancy as implanting multiple embryos at once. Using one embryo at a time also cuts medical costs, the study found, saving about $27,000 per live-birth pregnancy.

But even as doctors increasingly consider elective single-embryo transfer the best practice for many IVF candidates, and as more and more fertility clinics report comparable success rates between single- and multiple-embryo transfers, there is still no rule for all women.

You can read more about the study in this article:,8599,1888299,00.html


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