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Clinic Suspends "Designer Baby" Program

by Judith Graham,  Chicago Tribune,  Mar 4, 2009

After a Los Angeles fertility clinic offered to deliver the ultimate in designer babies - letting parents choose eye, hair and even skin color - sparking a worldwide uproar, the clinic has decided to "suspend" its program.

On Monday, the clinic, The Fertility Institutes, posted the following announcement on its website:

March 2, 2009

In response to feedback received related to our plans to introduce preimplantation genetic prediction of eye pigmentation, an internal, self regulatory decision has been made to proceed no further with this project. Though well intended, we remain sensitive to public perception and feel that any benefit the diagnostic studies may offer are far outweighed by the apparent negative societal impacts involved. For those patients with albinism or other ocular pigmentation disorders, we continue to offer preimplantation genetic diagnosis in general but will not be investigating the genetics of pigmentation of any body structures.

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