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PCOS: Youthful Infertility Balanced by Late-Blooming Ovaries

by Aria Pearson,  New Scientist,  Mar 4, 2009

About seven percent of reproductive-age women have PCOS, which features irregular periods, high levels of male hormones and greater numbers of developing follicles, or cysts, on the surface of their ovaries. In a normal ovary, a few follicles appear each month, one or two of which mature and release an egg; the rest die off. Women with PCOS ovulate less often because their extra follicles interfere with normal hormonal activity and stop follicles maturing past a certain stage, lowering their fertility.

A new study out of Sweden, however, found that women with PCOS had just as many pregnancies and birthed as many babies, on average, as PCOS-free women of the same age. Some of the women with PCOS in the study had been treated for infertility, but more than two-thirds had become pregnant without such help.

The study observed that as women with PCOS age, their ovaries showed signs of being more active, with better hormone levels and more eggs available, indicating that as women with PCOS get older, their chance of getting pregnant may be higher.

You can read more about the study here:


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WOW! this give us with age against us some hope. I was diagnosed with pcos at age 26. I went through a terrible time of making sense of it all. I was seeing a RE who had me on clomid and injectables, but never added metformin therapy or any therapy for that matter for the insulin resistance. I went through rounds and rounds of clomid, then rounds and rounds of fertility shots as well as 6 IUI's. No success!!!! Imagine my frustration and money spent! Well I have been researching and researching some more, and I know there is hope. PCOS is very hard to handle and at times I have wanted to give up and have cried because no one understood ME! The toll it takes on our bodies and our minds is pure torture! Aside from that, feeling like a failure because I have not been able to have a family is the worse part!!!!! Good luck to all PCOS sufferers...let get to the point where we are winners and NEVER GIVE UP! Elizabeth- Akron Ohio

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