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Stricter Rules on Fertility Industry Debated

by Kimi Yoshino and Jessica Garrison,  Los Angeles Times,  Mar 5, 2009

Georgia's, "The Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act," which failed to make it out of state Senate Committee yesterday, defines an embryo as a "biological human being" and prohibits the destruction of frozen embryos -- wading into a loaded debate over abortion rights and embryonic stem cells.

Two other states, California and Missouri, are offering laws that critics say might create a confusing patchwork of regulations. The Missouri bill seeks to adopt industry standards as law; the California law gives the state Medical Board oversight of fertility clinics.

Sections of these bills that prohibit the destruction of embryos have alarmed doctors and fertility industry groups. Louisiana is the only state with a similar law that prohibits discarding human embryos. The president of Georgia Right to Life issued a statement saying the bill would protect embryos as "living human beings and not property."

Will these bills "set fertility treatment back to the dark ages," as Arthur Wisot, a Redondo Beach-based fertility specialist, told the Los Angeles Times?

Read more about the debate here:,0,7792129.story


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