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Thousands Protest GA Embryo Bill

by Associated Press,  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  Mar 5, 2009

“The Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act," SB 169, has been sent to a special 4-senator subcommittee for further study following a hearing on the bill in the Georgia state Senate today.

This action by the state Senate Committee for Health and Human Services "effectively means the bill is dead" for the current legislative session, but it's expected to be revived next year.

The bill would make Georgia the first state in the nation to limit the number of fertilized embryos that a woman could create and implant through IVF. Opponents say it would put fertility clinics out of business in Georgia; supporters say it’s needed to rein in a unregulated fertility industry.

RESOLVE, which testified against the bill at the hearing, thanked those who acted to oppose the bill, "The room was packed with opponents of the bill - THANK YOU to everyone who came to the hearing and THANK YOU to everyone who sent letters to the Committee members in opposition to this bill." According to RESOLVE, more than "18,000 faxes and emails were sent to the Senate Committee."

You can read more about the bill and RESOLVE's call to action here:

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