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Family Planning When Cancer Intrudes

by Jane E. Brody,  New York Times,  May 21, 2009

Although more attention is now paid to loss of fertility among cancer patients, it is still too often overlooked by oncologists and patients, who may survive their disease but be left unable to reproduce. Neglect of fertility issues is especially common in cases involving children yet to reach puberty.

Yet in guidelines issued nearly three years ago, the American Society of Clinical Oncology stated that “any oncologist seeing reproductive-aged patients for consideration of cancer therapy should be addressing potential treatment-related infertility with them or, in the case of children, with their parents.” The guidelines noted that “sperm and embryo cryopreservation are considered standard practice and are widely available.”

You can read more about this issue and the Oncofertility Consortium, a new program to help cancer patients concerned about preserving their fertility, in this article:


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