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Florida Fertility Clinic to be Featured on Reality TV Show About Surrogacy

by Marisa Brahney,  NBC News 2,  May 6, 2009

It's a process that's helping more people become parents and now it's landed a local doctor and some of his patients on a new national reality TV series. "The Fertility Chase" on WE-tv will focus an entire episode on embryo donation.

Last year, WE-tv approached Dr. Craig Sweet's Fort Myers practice about chronicling him and his patients in a reality show called "The Fertility Chase."

One of Dr. Sweet's patients featured on the show will become a mother come June, when her surrogate and friend deliver the baby at Peace River Regional in Port Charlotte.

When Kerry Lewis found herself longing for a child at 45, she found out she couldn't carry a pregnancy. Because she was single, she also had trouble adopting.

"I thought, maybe my clock has stopped ticking already and maybe it's too late," said Lewis.

That's when she found out about embryo donation. The next thing she knew her friend Christina Lynn made the offer.

"We thawed donated embryos - embryos from another program that came from another program – and transferred them into Christina, for Kerry," Dr. Sweet explained.

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