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Success Rate of Frozen Eggs Increasing

by Christi Myers,,  Nov 17, 2009
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Scientists have tried to freeze human eggs for more than 20 years, but the success rate has been only one to two percent. But now a new technique is showing more success.

Medical reporter Christi Myers first told you in July about a Houston doctor testing the technique in a new study. A study which came just in time for one woman who learned she has cancer.

Meredith Stedham is single, 35 and recently learned she had breast cancer.

"I was going to be losing my independence, losing my health, losing my hair, be losing some body parts, and the one part of that that could potentially be the most difficult for me to recover from would be losing my fertility and my dream of mommyhood," said Stedham. Click here to watch the report.


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Breakthrough research like this offers hope for the millions of women who will face fertility issues . currently one in six couples but likely to rise . As a mum of two IVF children and a fertility coach I know the importance of being able to keep options open , and to receive the best medical help possible . I never cease to be amazed at just how fast this field of science is developing , and thus the potential to help so many others facing the heartache of fertility issues . Anya Sizer

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