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Infertility: A Male Problem Too

Herald Sun,  Nov 27, 2009
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You fall in love, you get married, you have kids… or so the story goes. Sadly, the statistics prove otherwise: one in eight couples in Australia will have difficulty conceiving, and be classified "infertile".

And while infertility usually falls into the category of "secret women's business" and is often perceived as a female problem, it is estimated that in Australia, infertility affects about one in every 20 men.

For half of all infertile couples, the problem lies with the male partner, while in 40 per cent of infertile couples using assisted reproduction technologies, the underlying reason is male infertility.

But rather than being exclusively a female or male problem, infertility is a couple’s problem, says Professor Robert McLachlan, director of Andrology Australia, which specialises in male reproductive health and medicine.

"It takes two to be infertile," he says. "For various reasons, when couples can’t conceive, it is a tremendous blow to both the individual and the couple. This is why we say it is a couple’s issue, as medically, we treat the couple." Read more about male infertility in this article.


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