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Painful Sex: A Common Female Health Problem

KGO-TV,  Nov 4, 2009
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Painful sex? What you should know if it hurts, and how to fire your doctor if he says, "it's all in your head."

Question: What is one of the biggest issues facing women's sexual health?

Answer: Pain with sex is a major health problem for women. The incidence is about 8 percent (anywhere between 3 percent and 15 percent depending on the study). This about the same incidence of asthma, so it is a common problem. It affects sexual fulfilment, can contribute to relationship issues, and affect a woman's self-esteem.

Question: I had no idea it is so common

Answer: Sadly many women suffer in silence. Our culture is filled with misperceptions and taboos concerning women's sexuality. My own mother can't tell people that I am gynecologist because it "isn't nice". Many women mistakenly believe that pain with sex is normal, that it is supposed to hurt. Some don't have the courage to broach the subject and sadly many who do speak up are dismissed by their physicians. Some are told it is "all in your head" or "have a glass of wine before" and others are misdiagnosed with chronic yeast infections.

Men have all those erectile dysfunction ads on Tv to raise awareness, but there are no ads on TV to raise awareness for women. The only TV character to ever have pain with sex was Charlotte from Sex in the City, and I think that was a brief secondary storyline. If no one talks about it, you think you are the only one.

Question: What are the causes? Read more and watch the video.


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Women should have the courage and confidence to talk about this problem with their doctors or gynecologist. If they dismiss your idea and say that it is all in your head only then I think you should find another gynecologist that will listen to you and help you. There are still that do listen to their patients. You should not be afraid and just suffer silently because it is not healthy. Women should take care of their health. Because there is no other that they would depend to in their personal health. Because suffering from that silently without any help will only cause you more problem and might bring you to more cost than you are having today. Or else you will need some <a rev="vote for" title="Secured Loan, Your Answer to Unwanted Debt" href=" ">debt consolidation</a> in the future.

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