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World Egg Bank Announces Loans for Recipients of Donated Eggs

REUTERS,  Oct 14, 2009
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Four months after the nation's largest
financing source for fertility treatments shut down its health care lending,
The World Egg Bank (TWEB) today announced a new loan program for women
planning to have a child through donated eggs.

Offered through Kansas-based Home National Bank, the program can finance up to
half the cost of the purchase of frozen donated eggs or the total cost of an
in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure using fresh donor eggs. In order to
qualify, participants must choose a donor from The World Egg Bank registry,
which currently has more than 350 pre-screened donors available to recipients.

The program launches at a critical time for infertile couples facing both a
deep recession and a crucial shortage of lenders. The aftermath of the 2008
banking crisis triggered financing giant Capital One to end its entire health
care financing program in May. Capital One was the largest private financer of
fertility treatments nationwide. Unlike the Capital One program, TWEB loans do
not charge fees to the doctor's clinic. Read more.


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