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Courteney Cox 'Revs Up' for Second Baby at 45

by Luchina Fisher,  ABC News,  Oct 19, 2009

Cox Latest Celeb Mom to Push Having Children Until Mid 40s

Courteney Cox has made no secret about her struggles to conceive daughter Coco.

Now, at 45, she says she's "revving up" to have her second.

"We're not trying yet. We're revving up the engines," she told OK magazine. "I'm only ready 'cause time's a-ticking. If I was 34, I'd wait another year, because I like those three-to-four gaps. I want Coco to be helping me with the next one. One child is hard. Two is probably harder."

Cox, who conceived Coco through in vitro fertilization or IVF, when she was 39, will most likely find it more difficult her second go-round.

"Forty-five is considered the dividing line," Los Angeles fertility specialist Dr. Richard Paulson told Read more.


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