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Fertility Doctor who Treated Octuplets' Mom Expelled by Medical Society

by Shelby Grad,  Los Angeles Times,  Oct 19, 2009
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The Beverly Hills fertility doctor involved in the case of octuplets mom Nadya Suleman has been expelled from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

The organization took the action several weeks ago. In a statement, the organization said: "Within the last few years, we have changed our by-laws to allow us take disciplinary action against members and, just this week, have expelled a member for cause."

The group didn't identify the doctor. But a spokesman told USA Today that it was Dr. Michael Kamrava.

"We have a disciplinary committee that gathers information, we give people an opportunity to explain themselves, and then we take action if the committee thinks it's necessary," the group's spokesman, Sean Tipton, told the newspaper. "It's a lengthy process. We're very concerned with providing appropriate due process." Read more.


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