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Giving Birth to Womb Transplants

by Claire Murphy,  BBC News,  Oct 22, 2009
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British doctors say they are a step closer to carrying out the first ever successful womb transplant. Is this really feasible, and indeed desirable?

It is not the first time that doctors have declared a functioning womb transplant is within our grasp, but a surgeon from London's Hammersmith Hospital now claims to have overcome one of the most insurmountable problems: securing the complex blood supply.

Dr Richard Smith, who has presented his latest research on rabbits at a reproduction summit in Atlanta, is now looking for funds to take his work further having failed to secure grants from Britain's big awarding bodies.

For women with Rokitansky syndrome, in which they are born without a womb, or those whose womb has been destroyed by cancer treatment or fibroids, transplant would offer them the chance to bear their own child - an alternative to surrogacy or adoption. Read more.


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