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Men are Producing 'Super-Sperm' Too Fast and Powerful to Impregnate Women, as Scientists Blame Evolution for Infertility Rise

by Fiona Macrae,  Daily Mail U.K.,  Sept 14, 2009

It is well known that having too few sperm can cut a man's chances of fatherhood.

But some may be suffering because they are producing super-sperm which are too fast and powerful, scientists believe.

Evolutionary biologist Oren Hasson believes they race past the defences thrown up by a woman's body so effectively that more than one sperm penetrates the egg.

This process, known as polyspermy, ruins the egg - and the chances of fertilisation.
In Britain, around one in six couples has trouble conceiving naturally and almost 35,000 women a year resort to IVF.

Dr Hasson believes stressful lifestyles, infection and pollution alone cannot explain the high levels of infertility.

His research suggests they result from an 'evolutionary arms race' in which male and female bodies undergo subtle changes to improve fertility. Read more.


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