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HealthWatch: Home Fertility Tests

by Dr. Holly Phillips,  CBS,  Sept 22, 2009
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At-home testing kits are more popular than ever these days, as many people prefer to do it themselves rather than go to the doctor. The latest frontier of the kits is fertility, but do they work?

Fertility specialist Dr. Michael Graubert uses a number of tests including a urine test to determine egg quality. The at-home egg quality kits also use urine to detect a hormone called follicle stimulating hormone, an important indicator of fertility.

Dr. Graubert said these tests can only be accurate when positive. "That means if you do this test at home and you get two lines, that means you have an egg quality issue most likely," he said. "However if the test is negative it does not mean you have normal egg quality."

The tests are highly accurate when they are positive and a good indicator that it's time to see a fertility specialist, but Dr. Graubert believes they also have a down side. Read more.


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