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New Program in Montreal Helps Orthodox Jews Conceive

by Janice Arnold,  Baltimore Jewish Times,  Sept 22, 2009
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An unusual collaboration between religion and science is making it possible for Orthodox Jews to undergo infertility treatment in Montreal.

The Jewish Community Council of Montreal (Vaad Ha’ir) and the McGill Reproductive Centre, located at the Royal Victoria Hospital, have officially launched a program that strictly adheres to halachah while offering the latest technology, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The program has been a year in development, while the Vaad and the staff of the clinic train a volunteer corps of Orthodox Jewish women observers, who are present at all times when either the egg or sperm of an Orthodox Jew, or the resulting embryo, is exposed. This is to reassure a couple that it is, indeed, their reproductive material that is being used. Read more.


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