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Fertility: Women Aren't to Blame Anymore

WCSC Live 5 News,  Sept 25, 2009
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When it comes to getting pregnant, many times fertility problems are blamed on the woman, but medical experts say 40 percent of the time the problem is with the man.

"Men are in denial, denial, denial, when it comes to fertility and sexual function," Dr. Harry Fisch said. Fisch says that denial often results in couples blaming the woman's body and prematurely trying extreme measures.

"If In Vitro Fertilization was a drug it probably would not be approved by the FDA because there's no long term data," Fisch said.

In fact, Fisch says more than 40 percent of fertility problems are caused by the man -- namely a low sperm count.

But there are ways you can increase that count, like increasing l-arginine, an amino-acid in your diet. "Soy, oats, blueberries, salmon, and tuna are high in l-arginine," Fisch said. Read more and watch the video.


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