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Legal Woes for New Orleans In Vitro Clinic

by Mark Strassmann,  CBS,  Sept 26, 2009
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In New Orleans, Ochsner Hospital's admitted mishandling of frozen embryos could be costly to more than its reputation. Lawyers are circling, for as many as 100 affected patients, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

"My clients have struggled with this travesty for the last year," said Melanie Lagarde, an attorney for Kim and Abraham Whitney.

They say Ochsner admits losing four of their frozen embryos.

"They want to know what happened to these embryos," Lagarde said.

Ochsner admits some embryos frozen for later use were mislabeled - or are missing - in its in vitro fertilization center. Despite safeguards that should have included bar-coding, color-coding and labeling.

"We are disappointed in ourselves," said Dr. Patrick Quinlan, said the CEO of Ochsner Health System.

But the hospital says, "No" to the big question: Did any families go home with the wrong child?

But at an Ohio fertility clinic, that did happen. Read more.


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