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Austrialian Clinics Forced to Advertise for Sperm Donors

by Liv Casben,  ABC Austrailia,  April 11, 2010
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Fertility experts say a critical shortage in the number of sperm donations is forcing IVF clinics to advertise.

"You've got millions: we only need one" is the catchcry of a new advertising campaign targeting sperm donors.

Some clinics have blamed the decline in donor numbers on recent law changes.

The Fertility Society of Australia blames the drop in donations on recent changes to legislation.

On January 1, Victorian donors were required to have police and child protection order checks, while on the same day in New South Wales law changes required all donors to be placed on a state-held register.

"In the past men could donate sperm knowing that they would never be known to the child, and over the past five to 10 years there has been a change in attitude to that which has given the right of children, or the belief that there is a right of children, to know their genetic background so that has led to changes in legislation," he said.

Sandra Dill, the head of ACCESS Australia, a not-for-profit organisation supporting singles and couples seeking or undergoing fertility treatment, says much of the legislative changes have been for the better. Read more.


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