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Why Women are Freezing Their Eggs

by Camille Webster,,  April 13, 2010
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Some game-changing fertility technology is promising to let your baby-bearing clock tick well past the witching hour. Extend Fertility Centers, an egg-harvesting, freezing and storage company, can't put an infant in your crib, but it promises to keep your eggs safe until pregnancy becomes an option. An ambitious young businesswoman can now jockey for the corner suite while putting her future family on ice.

According to The Fertility Sourcebook, a woman's chance of conceiving drops with each passing decade. A healthy 20-something has an 87% chance of getting pregnant over the course of a year, compared to 52% for a 35-year-old. But in vitro fertilization now allows women to conceive more easily at older ages. According to data collected by the NYU fertility center, at 30, women who had IVF had a 62% delivery rate. At 40, with IVF, the rate drops to 28% and by age 42 it drops to 14%.

The rates in the study demonstrate the relative decline in fertility as a function of age, so egg freezing can provide some peace of mind for a a woman who is going to delay childbearing. "We've seen a progressive increase in the number of women choosing to freeze their eggs, and part of it because we now have data and an awareness of its relative success,” says Dr. Jamie Grifo, program director of the NYU Fertility Center. Read more.


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