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Keller Teacher, Friend Write Book about Infertility Experience

The Keller Citizen,  Aug 10, 2010
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Sixteen years ago, KISD Lone Star third-grade teacher Brenda Sajewski was living in San Diego with her husband, Bob, a U.S. Marine. The couple had spent the previous three years battling infertility, including a miscarriage after their first invitro-fertilization attempt and five subsequent attempts failed.

"We were done. We always knew we'd be parents but we'd gotten to the point physically, financially and emotionally that we thought adoption was our best option," Sajewski said. That was before the Sajewskis met the Gilmores and found themselves back in the game.

Alyson Gilmore and her husband, Bob, who still live in San Diego, had also struggled with infertility but were just beginning to embark on IVF treatments.

"Egg Sisters" is a self-published book the two women wrote about how they met and forged a bond that resulted in each becoming parents of a boy-girl set of twins and a singleton girl within just a few short years.

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