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Donor Children Fight for 'Truth'

The Age,  Aug 16, 2010
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Australia — The files on every donor-conceived person born as a result of IVF should be opened so they can access information about their donors and siblings, a Senate committee has been told.

Victoria is at present the only Australian state with a functioning donor register to ensure that children can later access information about their origins.

Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT have no legislation governing donor conception, leaving it up to individual clinics to decide what records to keep and whether to release them. In Victoria the rights of donor-conceived people vary depending on when they were born, with those born before 1988 not entitled to identifying information about their donor.

Those born between 1988 and 1997 have the right to access information if the donor agrees, and only those born after 1997 have an absolute right to information.

Melbourne woman Lauren Burns, 26, is among dozens of donor-conceived people who have made submissions to the Senate inquiry into donor conception in Australia.

She has called for national legislation to establish a compulsory national donor register, in a submission supported by many groups including fertility specialists, counsellors and parents who have conceived using donor sperm or eggs.

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