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Infertile Women Pin Baby Hopes on Acupuncture

WCCO,  Aug 16, 2010
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) ― More and more women are having problems getting pregnant. Studies have shown after a year of trying, 10 percent of couples can't get pregnant on their own.

Doctors think it might have something to do with women waiting longer to have kids and more stress in our society. An acupuncturist in central Minnesota is getting a lot of attention from his results.

Like many newlyweds, the Evensons started trying for a family soon after they tied the knot. Triscia Evenson had endometriosis, or tissue growing where it shouldn't, which can cause infertility.

"You want something so bad and you just can't have it," Triscia Evenson said. "I think we went through everything anger, sadness, depression it was just, you run the gamut of emotions I think when you're trying."

After she had surgery, nothing happened.

"It was hard seeing her go through that for that long without knowing what to do," said Wade Evenson.

Their frustration from waiting two years led them to find a different approach to fertility in St Joseph. They visited an acupuncturist: John Miley, one of just a handful of full-time acupuncturists in Minnesota.

"The reason that I went is I heard he was helping women get pregnant," said Triscia Evenson. "I went into John and I was just so negative. He kind of turned that all around for me."

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