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'Cryokids:' Sperm Donor Children Lobby to End Anonymous Donations,  Aug 17, 2010
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They often can’t find their dad and if they do, chances are he’s moved on.

Now, though, sperm-donors’ children are banding together to try to ban anonymous sperm donation in hopes of saving future generations from the frustrating search that all too often ends in heartbreak, according to the Associated Press.

Using Internet-based social networking sites and other timely events, they’re banding together to reach their goal.

Earlier this summer, the film, "The Kids Are All Right," hit movie screens, telling the story of two siblings who track down their sperm-donor dad. And weeks earlier, a study from the Commission on Parenthood's Future entitled, "My Daddy’s Name is Donor," looked at nearly 500 donor offspring and found that they were more prone to depression than other young people.

The commission called for an end to anonymous sperm donation. Meanwhile, newspaper op-ed articles and blogs have been both pro and con on the anonymity issue.

"The adult voices of donor offspring are a welcome counterbalance to an array of cultural forces aimed at further marginalizing fathers," Kathleen Parker, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote. "At the very least, as this study implores, it is time for a serious debate on the ethics, meaning and practice of donor conception."

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