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Building Families

Winter Park/Maitland Observer,  Aug 19, 2010
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Niki and Fred Trusty tried to have a baby for two years, with no luck.

"Every month you're not pregnant feels like a year," Niki said. "You get devastated every month."

The Ocoee couple had gone to doctors and done all the treatments they could. Their last chance was in vitro fertilization, but at $15,000, the treatment would be a big decision.
Then, in just one day, their luck changed.

The couple entered a raffle in May 2009 for a free treatment. Fred had calculated the odds. They had a one in 10 chance of winning, and he thought the $500 they spent on the raffle tickets was worth it. They won.

"The tears came," said Niki, who was at work when Fred called her with the news. "Then I just ran into my boss' office, shut the door and screamed."

The in vitro worked, and less than a year later, the prize was delivered — little Harrison was born in March. And they said they have Winter Park-based Fertile Dreams to thank for it.

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