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Oh Baby! Blue Comes Through

Chicago Sun Times,  Aug 20, 2010
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A misunderstanding about insurance coverage for IVF gets fixed.

Dear Fixer: In my Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO plan, I have coverage for infertility,
but the wording was unclear to me.

My policy basically read that I have a $20,000 lifetime maximum for infertility and coverage of four in vitro fertilization treatments. It also includes that to qualify for IVF I had to prove I needed it. I tried four different infertility treatments before IVF and was approved for IVF by the doctor.

The part that was unclear was whether the four IVF treatments were included in the $20,000 lifetime maximum. Logically, I was thinking that maybe it was not included in the lifetime max since one IVF cycle can cost up to $16,000 or so, so mathematically speaking, it didn't add up. Four IVF treatments would cost about $60,000.

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