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Egg and Sperm Donors Could Get Up to £800 in Payments,  Aug 22, 2010
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Egg and sperm donors could receive payments of £800 under proposals to tackle shortages in supply, it has been revealed.

Currently the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) imposes a £250 cap on payments so as to avoid commercialising the procedure.

But the low payment is thought to be behind a shortage in egg and sperm donation which is driving infertile women and men to overseas – often unregulated – clinics, according to research.

Now the HFEA is considering adopting the Spanish system which would see the payment cap lifted to £800.

"We want to review egg donation," Professor Lisa Jardine, the chair of the HFEA told the Sunday Times.

"We are suggesting moving closer to the Spanish system. But there is no suggestion of adopting the US model where a good-looking girl with a degree can get $30,000 (£19,000) for her eggs."

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