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Best New Fertility Trends

St. Louis Post Dispatch,  Aug 31, 2010
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Conceive magazine has published its list of Top Ten fertility trends, of which I find three to be very encouraging:

1. Single-Embryo Transfer (SET)

What it is: As the name implies, this is the transfer of just a single embryo during in vitro fertilization (IVF) rather than two or more, as has been the custom. Two studies published in 2009 in the European journal Human Reproduction showed that SET is both a successful and cost-effective way to produce the outcome that most people want: a single, live, healthy baby.

2. Natural and Mini-Stim IVF

What it is: An IVF technique that relies on a woman's natural cycle, using either no or fewer medications than traditional IVF. Proponents claim these less aggressive treatments can save thousands of dollars on medication costs alone without-at least in the case of mini-stim IVF-compromising success rates.

3. Procreation Vacations

What it is: Travel with the express purpose of reproducing (the old-fashioned way). Some romantic getaway spots and hotels are now offering "conception-moon" packages. And many spas are ramping up their couples' offerings to include alternative medicine options said to boost fertility and enhance "reproductive readiness."

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