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Bionic Cervix Helped Me Have My Baby Girl after Four Miscarriages

Daily Mail,  Aug 4, 2010
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A lawyer who struggled to have a baby for seven years has now given birth to a healthy little girl after being fitted with a "bionic" cervix.

Janett Walker, 41, suffered four miscarriages and lost a premature baby because her cervix was too weak to support an unborn baby.

Doctors "clamped" the neck of her uterus using a synthetic material called mersilene, to stop a fetus from falling through. The operation allowed the lawyer to carry her baby Ainka, meaning "cherished one" to 37 weeks before she gave birth by Caesarean section in June.

Janett, who gave birth in Liverpool Women's Hospital, said: "I just can't believe it. I wake up in the morning sometimes and think my beautiful baby was a dream, but there she is asleep in her cot. If I hadn't been fitted with the bionic cervix, I would never have been able to to have a child."

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