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New IVF Technique Cuts Risk of Multiple Babies

The Times of India,  Aug 4, 2010
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MUMBAI: If going for IVF, then expect twins or triplets. This has been the rough rule in the world of test-tube babies in India since infertility experts transfer at least three embryos to any woman undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment.

But a city hospital’s new acquisition — unveiled by chief minister Ashok Chavan on Tuesday — claims to reduce these multiple transfers and thereby reduce the tension for parents to-be. "We have acquired a machine, only the fifth in the world and the first in Asia, Viametrics, to improve embryo selection and thus improve pregnancy rates," said Dr Hrishikesh Pai of Bloom IVF Centre, which is located in Lilavati Hospital, Bandra Reclamation.

Pai and his colleague Dr Nandita Palshetkar feel that they will no longer need to transfer three embryos into a woman’s womb in order to boost the chances of pregnancy. The new machine will scan an embryo along with some culture using the CV Raman effect and decide on whether it is best. While in the past we would do an embryo biopsy to establish how good it is, the new method will allow a non-invasive decision, they said. When the world’s first test-tube baby was born almost 32 years back, the chances of infertile couples having a baby was 2 percent. Now, several inventions later, the chances for a woman younger than 35 years is as high as 40 precent.

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