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In GOP Runoff, Differences over IVF Restrictions,  Aug 5, 2010
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ATLANTA — Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Karen Handel and Nathan Deal differ on whether they'd support efforts to limit fertility treatments in Georgia, an issue GOP legislators pushed just last year and is a priority for the state's largest anti-abortion group.

Handel, who underwent fertility treatments herself as she and her husband tried unsuccessfully to have children, said she would oppose any move to place restrictions on doctors and their patients.

"I could never look another family in the face and say that I was going to do something that would take away their ability — their hope — of having a child," the former secretary of state told The Associated Press.

Deal said he's open to some common sense limits, but they must be worked out in consultations with doctors.

"We should not be creating life that is then going to be used for other purposes whereby it's going to be destroyed," Deal said in an interview with the AP.

"I'm not going to tell you that you can just arbitrarily say this many embryos versus that many embryos," he said.

At issue are IVF procedures in which doctors routinely fertilize more embryos than they plan to use for a single treatment cycle in the interest of giving couples their best shot at having a baby.

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