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In Vitro Alarms Doctors

The Gazette,  Aug 5, 2010
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MONTREAL - With more than 3,000 women already signed up for new fertility treatments available free as of today, medical specialists say Quebec won't be able to keep up with the demand.

Montreal already lacks gynecologists and general practitioners to cover existing pregnancies. According to the Quebec Association of midwives, about 1,500 women did not find a GP or gynecologist to follow their pregnancies last year.

Gaetan Barrette, president of the Quebec Federation of Medical Specialists, said Quebec's move to become the first jurisdiction in North America to fund in vitro fertilization is premature, given the lack of gynecology and neonatology services, as well as in vitro specialists.

"We have put in place something with great expectations for the public and we won't be able to deliver. We don't have proper resources, not the doctors or the physical resources to achieve that."

Barrette added there are fears the program will drain available practitioners.

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