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A First for the First

Boston Globe,  Aug 6, 2010
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She was the most famous baby in America after her birth in 1981 following in vitro fertilization. Yesterday, Elizabeth Comeau gave birth to a baby of her own. Here's her story.

People have followed my life all my life. I mean, ALL my life.

PBS cameras taped my birth, and I attended my first press conference at 3 days old — I yawned through the entire thing. My baby face appeared on the cover of Life magazine, and stories appeared in many newspapers worldwide, including The Boston Globe, where I now work on its website.

I don’t have a baby book — I have five volumes of newspaper headlines and VHS tapes from television announcements worldwide.

Now, nearly 29 years from my birth as the first test-tube baby in the United States, I have my own baby.

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