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Time Magazine Says Artificial Ovary a Top Medical Breakthrough of the Year

Providence Business News,  Dec 30, 2010

The building of an artificial ovary by researchers from Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital made it into Time magazine’s Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of 2010.

At No. 9, an artificial ovary that can fully mature human eggs in a lab ranks is one of the most important discoveries of the year, said Time.

“Most immediately, the structure could help in vitro fertilization technicians improve success rates,” said the magazine. “By allowing technicians to mature these eggs in the lab, researchers might be able to help each IVF cycle become more efficient in leading to a pregnancy and eventual life birth. In addition, the artificial ovary could help women with ovarian disease, who are unable to produce mature eggs, take advantage of IVF to have children of their own."

The publication included the ranking among its year-end Top 10 Everything of 2010, 50 “wide-ranging lists” encompassing the top campaign ads, top crime scenes, and even the Top 10 tweets.

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