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Childless Couples Pay £25k for Surrogate Mothers in US

The Telegraph,  Dec 9, 2010
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Would-be parents are calling for a change in the law to open up a new “market” for surrogacy in the UK.

It is currently illegal for women to make a profit out of agreeing to bear a child for another couple in England and Wales, meaning only 70 such births occur here each year.

However, there are no such legal restrictions in the US and a High Court judge yesterday ruled that a British couple who arranged a “commercial surrogacy” in Illinois could keep their child, despite such payments breaking English law.

Malcolm Cuthbert, from London, said he and his partner wanted to have children but now faced a bill of up to £25,000 for a surrogate mother and egg donation in the US.

“If you are a couple and you can’t do it naturally, you really have no choice,” he said.

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