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Taiwan Government to Offer Fertility Subsidies to Boost Low Birth Rate

by Jane Macartney,  Times Online,  Feb 23, 2010

The Taiwan government plans to offer subsidies for fertility treatments to boost a birth rate that is now the lowest in the world.

Health authorities could give low-income couples T$50,000 (£1,000) per treatment – about a third of the total cost – in a plan estimated to cost T$500 million (£10 million) a year.

The scheme is the latest attempt by the authorities on the island to boost a birth rate that has been falling steadily for years and follows up on schooling subsidies for the disadvantaged. However, the decline has gathered pace in the last couple of years.

Authorities are anxious that the global financial crisis has acted as an additional deterrent to women already putting off having children until into their 30s. Read more.


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