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The View Takes on Infertility

The View ABC,  Feb 25, 2010

Yesterday’s edition of the talk show The View focused solely on infertility. The show featured celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic, who are just getting ready for their first IVF following failed IUI cycles, Dr. Jamie Grifo, a fertility specialist at NYU Fertility Center, and two couples and a recently divorced woman who have infertility.

The ladies of The View also talked about their own experiences with infertility. Barbara Walters adopted her daughter following three miscarriages. Sherri Shepherd had her son via IVF treatment following a failed IUI cycle and Clomid treatment. (She’s 42 and wants to have more children. She asked about freezing her eggs, but Dr. Grifo explained that at her age, she’s not a good candidate.) Elisabeth Hasselbeck had trouble getting pregnant until she realized she had Celiac Disease, and went on a gluten-free diet. She now has three children. Joy Behar had an ectopic pregnancy that almost cost her her life when her fallopian tube burst and caused internal bleeding. She has one daughter.

Watch the full episode or watch Giuliana and Bill's segment.


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