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Six Women Over 55 'Being Considered for Fertility Treatment' at U.K. Clinic

by Kate Devlin,  Telegraph U.K.,  Feb 27, 2010
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Two of the women, who are all being considered for treatment by the London Women’s Clinic, are 58 years of age.

Last month the clinic was at the centre of controversy when doctors held a consultation with Susan Tollefsen, 59, a retired special needs teacher.

Tollefsen, from Essex, who gave birth at the age of 57 after travelling to a clinic in Moscow, would be the oldest IVF mother in Britain if she went ahead with further treatment.

Following the consultation, which was featured in a BBC documentary, the clinic changed its policy on older mothers, saying that it would not rule women out on the basis of their age.

Since then six women in their mid to late 50s have contacted the clinic for treatment. Read more.


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