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U.K. Doctors Reject Calls to Ban Women over 50 from Receiving IVF

by Mark Henderson, Sam Lister and Steve Bird,  Time Online U.K.,  Jan 18, 2010
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Senior fertility doctors rejected calls for a ban on women over 50 receiving fertility treatment at British clinics after it emerged that a 59-year-old woman was in the process of trying to obtain IVF at the London Women’s Clinic in Harley Street.

Although a decision has not yet been made about Sue Tollefsen’s treatment, her plans have renewed calls for a ban on older women receiving such treatment. The retired special needs teacher said: “I agree there should be a cut-off point. Perhaps 65 is too old, but I’m still so healthy I don’t see why I shouldn’t be treated.”

The NHS does not give IVF to women over 40 and private clinics generally do not provide the treatment for women over 50, however at least two women aged 58 have been treated.

Mrs Tollefsen, who gave birth to a baby girl two years ago after travelling to Russia for treatment, would, if successful, become the oldest woman to receive IVF in Britain and would be due to give birth at the age of 60. Read more.


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