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After 25 Years of IVF, Couple Finally Conceives. Should Couples with Fertility Problems Never Give Up?

by Courtney Hutchison,  ABC News,  Jan 19, 2010

After more than 20 years and nearly $200,000 worth of failed infertility treatments, Monique and Neil Ward of Stafford, England, have finally became the proud parents of twin boys, Britain's Press Association reports.

One woman's plan to freeze her eggs so she could have kids later in life.The Wards' 25-year struggle to become pregnant -- even though ultimately it was through the use of donor sperm and donor eggs -- raises a question many infertility specialists and aspiring parents face: Does there come a point when a couple should give up on trying to conceive?

After 15 failed attempts with various types of assisted reproductive technology since 1986, some might say the Wards were operating on blind optimism when they signed up for another $20,000 round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs and sperm last spring. An earlier round with this technique had failed five months before.

Pregnancy holds great emotional significance for many couples. But when fertility treatments fail time after time, is there ever a point when couples should be advised to stop trying? Read more.


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