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How Obesity Affects Fertility

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by Kirk Matthews,,  Jan 20, 2010
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If a woman wants to get pregnant, obesity may be a hurdle.

"Women who are obese often times will have irregular menstrual cycles and fertility is tied to the menstrual cycle. So if someone's not having a normal menstrual cycle then they're not ovulating every month," says Dr. John Fratarelli of Castle Medical Center.

And Dr. Fratarelli says that problem could be more common than you might imagine.

Dr. Fratarelli says the jury is still out on exactly why those problems persist. However, he says there is convincing evidence that part of the problem stems from increased insulin levels in the bodies of obese persons.

"And the insulin levels can affect the hormones in the brain as well as the hormones in the ovary and decrease the ability of someone to have regular menstrual cycles and to ovulate regularly, so they're not producing an egg so they have trouble with fertility." Read more.


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