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Can Foods Aid Fertility?

by Jenny Rough,  USA Today,  Jan 24, 2010

Can diet help the millions of couples who find conception difficult?

"There are no magical foods that make you instantly fertile," says Breea Johnson, a nutritionist at Pulling Down the Moon, which offers holistic health services. But studies have shown that some foods can improve the chances of pregnancy in women with ovulatory dysfunction, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some foods to be mindful of:

Sprouts, broccoli and cabbage contain a compound that helps with estrogen metabolism and hormonal balance.

Sea veggies such as kelp and nori help to boost low thyroid function, which can be an underlying disorder related to fertility.

Beans are full of protein and fiber, too, which boosts digestive health, making it easier for nutrients to reach reproductive tissues.

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My wife and I are been married for 2 years, and we’ve wanted to have a baby but unfortunately we still waiting for it. We’ve consulted a doctor and so far there are no signs of impotent in both of us. Good thing that I entered this site and read the post, we will try the foods that stated here. Hopefully, <a title="Eating Healthy on a Budget – Save Money and Lose Weight" href="">eating well</a> the right kind of foods will help my wife get pregnant. Can’t wait to test this study. Hope for more updates!

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