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More US Fertility Clinics Now 'Freeze' Eggs

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BioNews,  July 12, 2010

More than half of US fertility clinics are now prepared to 'freeze' eggs, a new study has revealed. This option was traditionally reserved for women undergoing cancer therapy or for other medical reasons, but now two out of every three clinics in the US that provide egg 'freezing' will offer the service to healthy women who simply want to preserve their fertility while delaying childbearing, the study found.

'It's kind of an insurance against one's biological clock', lead researcher Dr Briana Rudick of the University of Southern California told Reuters Health. 'It almost allows a woman to serve as her own egg donor in the future, should she not have met Mr Right and started a family by then'.

Dr Rudick and her colleagues surveyed 282 clinics across the US, of which 143 said they offer egg 'freezing'. Another quarter said they plan to offer it in the near future, with most of the rest citing a lack of demand as their main reason for holding back.

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