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Economic Crisis in Spain Favors Adoption of Frozen Embryos,  July 22, 2010

The economic crisis in Spain favours the adoption of frozen embryos.

The economic crisis in Spain caused a surge in adoptions of frozen embryos during the last 18 months between Spanish couples with fertility problems because of the lower cost of 'in vitro' fertilization, as explained by the Instituto Marques de Barcelona.

The center has a pioneering program at the international level, which is currently the world's largest, to dispose of the huge number of frozen embryos accumulated year after year, taking into account that 40 percent of couples do not stipulate precisely what they want done with them. The center began offering, since 2004, all embryos from healthy parents and adults, under 35, the option to enter the Embryo Adoption Program, of which 468 babies have been born since September 2005. They are embryos from patients who have successfully completed an in vitro fertilization treatment and no longer want to have more children.

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