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NCRC Seeks Cause of Male Infertility

Salisbury Post,  July 22, 2010

A lack of the essential nutrient choline might cause some types of male infertility.

Scientists with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have launched a human study at the N.C. Research Campus to determine if men who have trouble metabolizing choline, which is found in meat and eggs, are more likely to suffer from infertility.

The UNC Nutrition Research Institute in Kannapolis needs blood and semen samples from 275 men. Subjects will earn $50.

About half of male infertility cases have no known cause, and researchers believe genetics could play a role.

“We have strong evidence in mice that genes involved in choline metabolism might be important to male infertility,” said Amy Johnson, a PhD student at UNC-Chapel Hill who will recruit subjects in Kannapolis.

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